Longjiao Mountain Scenic Area

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Linxiang Longjiao Mountain Scenic Area has deep valleys and mist-shrouded peaks. It looks like a fairyland. The forest coverage rate is up to 95%. With a dense negative oxygen ion concentration, the scenic area is listed an eco-functional protected area at provincial level.

Address: Yanglousi Town, Linxiang City, Yueyang City

Service hotline: 0730-3984001 How to get there: Take a train to Yanglousi Station, and take a bus to Longyuan Bus Station, and then take a taxi to the scenic area.

Official website: longjiaoshan.com.cn 

Recently, a press conference on Hunan Summer Resorts was held. It announced Hunan¡¯s eight summer resorts in 2019. Longjiao Mountain Scenic Area in Yueyang¡¯s Linxiang City was included.

Judge evaluation has been made based on five factors to determine these environment-friendly and comfortable summer resorts. The factors included a comfortable climate, a good ecological environment, superior tourism resources, a suitable living environment, and complete supporting facilities.

Chinese source: icswb.com

Photo source: hn.cma.gov.cn