May I Transfer My Old-age Insurance and Medical Insurance When I Changed My Job?

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Dear officials,

I started my career in 2006, and entrusted my archives at the Xiangbei Human Resources Market of Yueyang City in early 2007. I paid custody fees e on a year basis until 2015 when I was told that it has been cancelled by the central government.

In 2010, I signed the contract with a labor dispatching company and began to buy the five social insurances (old-age insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance and maternity insurance) ;

In 2013, I had a baby and enjoyed the national medical insurance benefits, which was contributed to the insurance card directly affiliated to the municipal institution;

In February,2014, I became a specially recruited staff of the Hunan Vocational College for Nationalities, and signed a labor contract with them, but my insurance card belonged to the Everbright Cultural Co., Ltd.

At the end of August, 2015, I changed my job and worked in the Hunan Arts and Crafts Vocational College in Yiyang City, which is directly affiliated to the Human Resources and Social Insurance Department of Hunan Province. My archives and membership credentials are now transferred to the present association.

I was wondering how I could transfer my old-age and medical insurances to the present institution, too. Could you please tell me the helpline of, related organs or departments?

Looking forward to hear from you!
Many thanks!


Dear Madam,

Your letter has been delivered to the Human Resources and Social Insurance Bureau of Yueyang City by the Mayor's Mailbox. Please check the following information:

As for your considerations, please dial the telephone no. 0086-730-8251510 to ask the social insurance division for help, or contact the medical insurance division at 0086-730-8251777.

Thanks for your concerns and support to our work!
Best wishes!

Yueyang Human Resources and Social Insurance

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