Highlights of the Report on the Work of the Yueyang Municipal People*s Government 2020

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On January 6, Yueyang Mayor Li Aiwu reported on government work at the 5th Session of the Eighth Yueyang Municipal People*s Congress. She summarized Yueyang*s achievements in 2019 and maps future development.

Notable Achievements in 2019
Fostering new growth sources, opening a new era of high-quality development

GDP growth 每 8%
Fix asset investment growth 每 11%
Added value of industries over a certain size 每 8%
Government's general public budget income growth 每 4.3%
Total retail consumer goods sales growth 每 10.2%
Per capita disposable income growth 每 9%

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Enhancing new areas of growth and building Yueyang into a big city in 9 aspects:

1. Prioritizing quality and elevating development levels
﹞Industrial structure constantly optimized;
Share of added value from tertiary industry in GDP exceeded 50% for the first time
﹞Investment structure improved;
Industrial investment of 140.5 billion yuan completed rising 30% over last year
﹞Fiscal structure stability maintained
Annual debt risks resolved.

2. Project construction boosted, providing strong momentum of development
﹞A group of leading projects were launched:
K NewKinpo*s 13 million inkjet printers project having an investment of 18 billion yuan
L Huawei*s high-end manufacturing center with an investment of over 20 billion yuan
M The Caprolactam (CPL) industrial chain relocation, upgrading, and extension project, with an investment of 20.8 billion yuan
﹞Key projects accelerated
※Five 100§ provincial projects in full swing
﹞Technical improvement projects were expanded
Yueyang Goaland Energy Conservation Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and other nine enterprises in the ※Doubling Plan§ grew 145%

3. Thoroughly promoting reform and opening up, fully unleashing the driving force of development
Continuing to streamline administration reforms and delegate power, improve regulation, and upgrade services.
Leading the province in implementing ※One-step Approval§ in the first contingent of 119 items
Drive to innovate strenghtened
New approval of 95 hi-tech enterprises for a total of 365
Enhancing external connectivity
Import and export value rises to 4.8 billion USD, up 53.8%.

4. Upgrading urban functions and increasing growth engine development
﹞Continuous traffic order regulation improvement
﹞Completion and operation of intelligent transportation project and smart parking system
﹞Increased environmental facility construction
﹞Yueyang honored as a ※National Wastewater Body Treatment Demonstration City§
Continuing resource allocation adjustment
Construction of workers culture palace
The new municipal library and art museum opened.

5.Boosting Rural Revitalization and Optimizing Development Path
﹞Developing featured towns
Sanfengsi Town, home of mustard greens, was selected as first coterie of ten  Hunan featured agricultural towns.
Zhangguying Town was included into ten Hunan cultural tourism towns.
﹞Regulating villager-built housing
More than17,000 mu (1133 hectares) of land was economized.
Innovative grass-roots governance
More than 1,800 village and community service platforms were established.

6. Increased efforts to improve environment and strengthen development
﹞Improving river and lake water quality
A PPP pilot project for the comprehensive treatment of central urban area sewage was rolled out.
﹞Greening of shoreline wetlands
There was 31,000 mu (2,066 hectares) of wetland ecology restored; and 13,200 mu (880 hectares) of shoreline greening completed, full regreening accomplished.
﹞Improving Air Quality Index
Emissions from 40 enterprises and special emissions from 33 were renovated and treated.
Limitation and transformation
﹞Improving soil quality
There were 10 soil pollution control projects.

7.Consolidating infrastructure and development foundation
More than 10 billion CNY invested in transportation, up 43%.
﹞Water Conservancy
Drinking water quality and security for 195,300 rural residents improved.
Central city household waste incineration power generation project launched.
※Smart city§ and 5G base stations construction accelerated and optical fiber network service covered all administrative villages.

8. Bettering people*s livelihood and sharing development fruits
﹞Remarkable achievements in poverty alleviation
More than 380,000 people escaped poverty and poverty incidence dropped to 0.37%.
﹞Social undertakings development increases
More than 50 primary and middle schools built and expanded.
﹞Solid backing for people*s livelihood
There were 22 livelihood issues addressed.
﹞A harmonious and orderly society
Yueyang was listed as the ※Happiest City in China 2019§.

9. Strengthening democracy and the rule of law, fostering great synergy for development
﹞ The Standing Committee of the Yueyang Municipal People*s Congress deliberated and promulgated two local regulations: namely, Regulations on Dust Pollution Prevention and Control in Yueyang and Regulations on the Administration of Rural Villagers' Housing Construction in Yueyang.

2020 Goal: Building a Moderately Prosperous Society

Major economic indicators targets:
﹞ GDP to grow by 7.8%
﹞ Added value of industries over a certain size to increase by 7.5%
﹞ Fixed asset investment to grow by 10%
﹞ Total consumer goods retail sales to rise by 10%
﹞ Government*s general public budget income to increase by 4%
﹞ Per capita disposable income to rise by 8.5%

Yueyang to seize the 5 opportunities of:
﹞ Industrial development transfer from coastal developed areas and real economy revitalization;
﹞ Green development;
﹞ Magnifying regional advantages and accelerating big city construction;
﹞ Establishing itself as a ※bridgehead§ for opening-up and development and building the Hunan-Yueyang Pilot Free Trade Zone; and,
﹞ Implementing the rural revitalization strategy and becoming an integrated tourism demonstration zone.

Specific goals for the 6 indicators of:
Comprehensive quality and benefits
Innovation-driven development
Coordinated development
Green development
Open development
Shared development

Major Mission: To Build Yueyang into a Big Modern City
Shouldering the historic mission in this new era and constructing a big city

Boosting ※Big City§ construction in 7 aspects:
1. Enhance competitiveness of modern industries
Increased efforts to create a new pattern for modern industries. By 2025, build four 100-billion-yuan industrial parks; five 50-billion-yuan industrial parks; and foster seven 100-billion-yuan industries.

2. Expand opening-up-driven strategy influence
Accelerate the building of a new opening-up-driven pattern. By 2025, achieve container throughput of more than 1 million standard containers and a total import and export volume of more than 20 billion USD; and make modern logistics industry and cultural tourism industry Yueyang*s emerging 100-billion-yuan industries.

3. Increase the three-dimensional transportation system carrying capacity.
Accelerate new three-dimensional transportation pattern construction and improve a modern integrated road-rail-water-air transportation system to highlight Yueyang as a Central China transportation hub.

4. Promote urban and rural areas integration
Accelerate the building of a new urban-rural coordination pattern and promoting urban and rural integrated development.
•Expand the space of greater city
• Vitalize the greater city
•Improve greater city qualities
Revitalize rural areas
• Strengthen industry
• Beautify the daily living environment
• Implement excellent rural governance

5. Improve ecological and environmental conservation
Accelerate new environmental development patterns; highlight precise, scientific, and legal pollution controls; and, resolutely ※protect the Yangtze§.
• Continue to lessen feedback problems by environmental protection inspectors
• Normal and long-term focus on ecological environment restoration
• Improve ecological priority green development levels

6. Improve risk prevention and control
Accelerate building Yueyang*s high-quality development ※firewall§ and maintain the bottom line to prevent and resolve major risks.
• Reduce the ※risk degree§ of government debt
• Eliminate the ※risk chain§ in the financial sector
• Control the ※risk source§ of safe production
• Maintain the ※risk points§ of social stability

7. Improving the people*s well-being
-Begin construction of 6000 sets of public rental housing
-Recover 10 low-lying waterlogged areas in downtown area
-Build 3 new public parking lots in downtown area and 1,800 new parking spaces
-Standardize construction and transformation of 28 farmers markets
-Renovate 20 kilometers of downtown water supply pipelines
-Complete 1,000 kilometers of highway security engineering
-Improve quality in 303 rural small-scale schools and township boarding schools and build 27 public kindergartens
-Build 68 public football fields
-Enable 1,700 working-age disabled persons to enjoy home services and centralized care services
-Complete 48 kinds of tandem mass spectrometry screenings to test genetic metabolism of 38,000 newborns

Strong Guarantee: Unite Powerful Developing Forces
Consolidate and expand theme education achievements to improve government governance capabilities and performance
• Focus on the people to optimize governance ideas.
• Adhere to rule of law to improve governance methods.
• Make efficiency the core of governance capabilities.
• Adhere to the principle of integrity to improve governance image.

Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn