Highlights of the Report on the Work of the Yueyang Municipal People¡¯s Government 2019

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The Fourth Session of the 8th Yueyang Municipal People¡¯s Congress opened on January 8, 2019. Mayor Li Aiwu delivered a government work report on behalf of the Yueyang Municipal People¡¯s Government.

Achievements in 2018
Annual target fulfillment:
Municipal GDP grew by 8%;
Added value of the enterprises above designated size up 7.3%;
Fixed-asset investment increased by 11%;
Total retail sales of consumer goods grew by 9.3%; and,
General public budget revenue up 6.6%. 

Nine growth highlights:
1. Quality and effectiveness of economy kept improving
Added value of the enterprises above designated size in industrial parks accounted for 82.3% of GDP;
Non-public economy accounted for 65.5% of GDP;
Proportion of the three main industries was 9.5:41.7:48.8, adjusted from 9.7:43.1:47.2.

2. Industrial Project Construction in full swing
Two industrial projects each with an investment of over 10 billion CNY, 23 projects each with 1 to 5 billion CNY, and 20 projects each with 500 million to 1 billion CNY, have been introduced. Sixteen "top 500" industrial enterprises have been located in Yueyang;
Hunan¡¯s "Five 100" project has been vigorously promoted, with 34 out of 38 projects been located; 81 of 100 municipal major early-stage projects have progressed as scheduled; and, 105 major construction projects have completed investment of 45.98 billion CNY;
Investment in industrial technical transformation increased by 45%. A number of enterprises expanded their capacity, and doubled output value and tax.

* ¡°Five 100¡± refers to: 100 key industrial construction projects; 100 technological innovation projects; innovation of 100 important projects; introduction of 100 ¡°top 500¡± enterprises; and, 100 technology innovation talents. 

3. Open development flourished
The import and export volume totaled 3 billion USD. Container throughput reached 668,000 TEUs. The number of parallel imported vehicles exceeded 5000;
245 foreign trade enterprises grew; 114 enterprises made breakthrough or doubled their foreign trade performance. More market entities registered in the export-oriented economy; and,
Yueyang is one of the 30 port-oriented logistics hub cities in China.

4. Rural revitalization moved forward
Yueyang¡¯s dilapidated house renovation was appraised as one of the "40 examples of local reform and innovation in the past 40 years of reform and opening up";
Measures have been taken to regulate house building in villages. More than 9,800 mu (654 ha.) of arable land were economized, and 15,000 farmers were accommodated in new modern houses;
Establishment of distinctive towns contributed to agricultural product processing industry growth, with an output value of 158.6 billion CNY, up 10%; and,
Outdated habits have been abandoned in 1824 villages (communities).

5. Ecological environment treatment progressed
Took the provincial lead in implementing the River Chief inspection mechanism;
Took the provincial lead in sand mining remediation, sewage drainage renovation, drinking water source protection, and addressing such problems as illegal occupation of watercourse; random dumping of garbage; illegal construction or extension of houses; and, unauthorized mining; and,
Fulfilled the annual task of remedying 27 black and odorous water bodies.

6. Infrastructure system improved
In terms of transportation, the expressway mileage reached nearly 500 kilometers. The expressway exits are only 10-minite drive away from downtown area, and every county is accessible through expressways. The east and south ring roads are interconnected, while the north ring road construction is accelerating;
In terms of water conservation, 583,000 rural population¡¯s drinking water are provided with safe drinking water;
In terms of energy, the China Huadian Corporation (CHD) Pingjiang Power Plant, and Pingjiang Pumped Storage Power Station, are under construction; seven 110-kv transformer substations have been built, or renovated; and, power distribution network in 154 administrative villages have been completed;
In terms of communications, more than 220 kilometers of new optical cable pipelines have been built, and 4G network reached 99.26% of the area.

7. Reform and innovation yielded benefits
The reform to streamline administration has made progress. Works on building Yueyang a demonstration city for deepening supply and marketing cooperative reform are on-going;
Expenditure on research and development increased by 16.7%; 78 new high-tech enterprises opened, increased by 40.6%; and, the added value of high-tech industries accounted for 21% of GDP.

8. People¡¯s livelihood improved
Government budget puts people first, with more than 70% spent on ensuring people¡¯s living standard. The per capita disposable income of residents increased by 9%. Efforts were made on poverty alleviation, with 109 poor villages and 60,600 people out of poverty. Renovation of 32,000 shanty town houses and 14,400 dilapidated rural houses has been completed.

In terms of social undertakings, Baiyangpo Primary School and Nineteenth Middle School were put into use. Yueyang¡¯s performance in reducing oversize classes in schools ranked first in the province. Yueyang First People¡¯s Hospital Group was founded, of Yueyang has been set up to develop the cause of sports, medicine and health in an all-round way. Besides, our athletes won three gold medals in the Asian Games, and achieved the best results in history.

Twenty-two people¡¯s livelihood issues have been handled, in line with the provincial and municipal government plans. Some 53,000 new jobs have been created in towns and cities; the coverage of the basic social insurance system reached 99.4%; five "one-km public service circles" in central urban areas have formed; 967 new public parking spaces were built; Zhenzhushan (Pearl Hill) Park has been completed; and, 11 low-grade sections at the end of trunk highways were upgraded...

In terms of social stability, crimes dropped by 21.3%; forest fires decreased by 86%; and, safety accidents decreased by 57.1%. 

9. Democracy and the rule of law enhanced
The Yueyang Municipal People¡¯s Congress and the Municipal CPPCC Committee submitted 523 proposals. All the proposed problems were handled, and the public satisfaction reached 99.8%; 
"Regulations of Yueyang East Dongting Lake National Nature Reserve", and "Regulations of Yueyang Motor Vehicle Parking Management", have been promulgated;
The ecological and rule of law construction project was nominated for the 5th "Chinese Government Award for Rule of Law".

Prospects in 2019

General Requirements for Government Work in 2019:
Follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era; implement the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress, and the economic working conferences of the Central Government, the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, and the CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee;
Thoroughly practice the basic principle of Yueyang¡¯s ¡°13th Five-Year Plan¡±; give priority to quality and green development, and further stabilize employment, the financial market, foreign trade, foreign investment, domestic investment, and expectations;
Continue to fight the ¡°three tough battles¡± of preventing and defusing financial risks, targeted poverty alleviation, and pollution control;
Vigorously carry out the innovation-oriented opening and development strategy;
Speed up building Yueyang a regional central city in China and a large city of Hunan; accelerate developing a new growth pole of Hunan, a green development pioneer area in the Yangtze River Economic Zone, the Beautiful Dongting Lake Eco-environmental Protection Zone, a demonstration area of rise on opening in Chinese inland areas, and a pilot site of modern economic systems in central China;
Lay a decisive foundation for the completion of building a well-off society in an all-round way, and strive to write a new chapter for Yueyang¡¯s high-quality development in the new era!

Major Economic Indicators:
Regional GDP to up 8%;
Added value of industry above designated size to increase by 7.5%;
Fixed-assets investment to grow 11%;
Total retail sales of consumer goods to rise by 10%;
General public budget revenue to increase by 6%.

Innovation Development:
R&D investment to increase by 22%;
Added value of high-tech industries to account for 23% of GDP;
In-force invention patents per 10,000 people to grow by 20%

Ecological Environment:
Good air quality on 85% days;
Water quality in 95% of important functional zones reach qualification standard;
Energy consumption per 10,000 CNY of GDP to decrease by 3.66%.

People¡¯s Wellbeing:
Financial and livelihood expenditures to remain stable at above 70%;
Per capita disposable income to increase by 8.5%;
Consumer price index to grow by not more than 3%;
Unemployment rate to be controlled within 5%.

Work Focus in 2019:
Speed up to create a new pattern for Yueyang¡¯s development:

1. Accelerate to create a new pattern for modern industry and focus on improving development quality

We will build two leading enterprises, each with over 10 billion CNY in investment, over 20 billion CNY in output value and over 1 billion CNY in tax revenue;
We will build ten benchmark enterprises, each with over one billion CNY in investment, over 2 billion CNY in output value and over 100 million CNY in tax revenue; and,
We will optimize the business, government and financial environment in an all-round way to strengthen the private economy.

2. Expedite to create a new pattern led by opening-up and center on unleashing development advantages. 
Container throughput exceeds 700,000 TEUs, and the total volume of import and export exceeds 4 billion USD;
Implement the ¡°100 billion logistics industry action plan¡± and quicken the pace to make Yueyang into a national-level logistics hub city.

3. Speed up to create a new pattern for urban-rural integration development and make great efforts to explore development space.
We will lay emphasis on urban upgrading: to speed up the construction of a regional central city;
We will stress the demonstration effect to promote the rural revitalization strategy;
We will focus on the county¡¯s development driven by industry and advance economic development in county areas; and,
We will put efforts on urban-rural integration and boost the construction of urban and rural infrastructure.

4. Speed up to create a new layout for integrated communication network and concentrate on shoring up the development foundation.
We will plan to promote the construction of the Changde-Yueyang-Jiujiang Railway, improve the railway transportation system of carrying cargoes from the port, and promote the opening of the ¡°China-Europe Express¡± for international freight;
Expedite the construction of Pingjiang-Yiyang Expressway and G353 Yueyang East Station-Tuma Section Expressway, and open up fast track within the city;
Step up the construction of eight urban roads, including the North extension line of the Wangyue Road and the extension line of the Qiusuo West Road;
Complete and put into operation the city's North Ring Line as well as the bus bases in Guozhen County;
Promote the normal operation of direct flights to Hong Kong and Macau;
Open10 routes from Yueyang to such cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Xi'an to form cross-linking airline networks;
Strive to build a demonstration city for Gigabit Ethernet and a community with Gigabit optical network, to accelerate the application of 5G in commerce, and to drive the digital economic development by big data.

5. Speed up to create a new layout for ecological development and target on standing fast to the development foundation.
We will attach importance to the treatment of large rivers and lakes, including Yangtze River, Xiangjiang River, Dongting Lake and so on, and strive to make Yangtze River shoreline the "Most Beautiful Shoreline" and the Dongting Lake area the "Beautiful Lake Area";
We will endeavor to the treatment of the inland lakes and rivers such as Nanhu Lake, Dongfeng Lake, Songyang Lake, Bajiao Lake, Jijia Lake, Wangjiahe River and so on, and lead the city to become the one surrounded by water;
We will reinforce the treatment action on "chemical industry built around the river", guide chemical enterprises to move to green chemical industry parks, and vigorously develop green circular economy.

Co-construct a prosperous and well-being life in an all-round way and co-share the benefits
We will make a wider adjustment for the layout in the City¡¯s East District, the Community on College Road, the Districts around rivers and lakes, and the primary and secondary schools in City¡¯s North District. We will finish the building and expansion tasks for primary and secondary schools.

We need pay great attention to the project constructions including the relocation of CDC (center for disease control), the Children's Hospital, the second phase of the building construction on the east of the First People¡¯s Hospital, the outpatient building on the east of the Second People¡¯s Hospital and the City Center In-patient Building for basic medical care. 

We will rebuild and expand the Workers¡¯ Cultural Palace in an all-round way and ensure the use of the new areas of the City Library.

We will wholeheartedly perform all tasks well to benefit people¡¯s livelihood. We are to:
¢Ù Accomplish 40 projects of shanty town renovation and improve 9,000 residents¡¯ housing conditions in shanty towns;
¢Ú Intensify the comprehensive governance of traffic order in the city center, build 4 new public parking lots, complete the construction of 3 pedestrian crossing facilities, as well as build and put into use the intelligent transportation projects;
¢Û Upgrade and displace 262 bus stations in the city center, and replace 200 buses with ones using the new electric energy;
¢Ü Complete the 1,300 kilometers-long Life Security Protection Work along the road;
¢Ý Realize the wholly-covered "One village, One auxiliary police" initiative, and build 20 platforms of "Urban police response";
¢Þ Renovate and rebuild 13 farmers¡¯ markets with standard requirements;
¢ß Complete the screening of 45,000 newborns for 48 kinds of inherited and metabolic diseases using tandem mass spectrometry techniques;
¢à Help 1,600 disabled people at employment age enjoy home care and intensive care services;
¢á Construct 45 standardized teaching units for compulsory education and 15 rural public kindergartens;
¢â Upgrade the sewage treatment plants along lakes and rivers, near the ports, and at the Nanjin Port, as well as complete the improvement of polluted and odorous waters in five areas including Dongfeng Lake in the downtown areas.

Chinese source: yueyang.gov.cn